Ketchikan, Alaska 2017

If you are fortunate enough to be vacationing in Ketchikan this summer, go ahead, do a happy dance!  The brrrrrr….of winter has finally lifted and the beauty of Ketchikan is starting to shine.  May 4th is the first arrival day for cruise ships.  The massive vastness of these beautiful cruise ships are a sight to see and quite impressive to kayak near if you book a kayaking trip with Southeast Sea’s Kayak tours down on Salmon landing while ships are docked.

Of course, after a day of exploring we would be honored if our quaint cottage for 2 would fit your lodging needs.  We are out on the north end of the island with relaxing ocean views.  Every time I peer out and soak up the amazing views, I am reminded of God’s faithfulness and his creation of this lovely island we call home.